Have you ever had an area of your life you wanted to change, and you were committed to making that change, but you still didn’t do it?  And you ask yourself, “Why does this happen?  Why don’t I follow through?”  Is it because you don’t know how?  Or maybe you just don’t have time.  Even if you do make the change how do you make it sustainable and lasting?  How do you make it “stick”?

There are a variety of reasons why we don’t follow through on the things we say we want to change, but studies show that it always boils down to how we think and the actions we take.  Eighty percent of success is mindset, and only 20 percent is mechanics.

Here are four keys that will not only create the change you want to make but also make that change sustainable and lasting.

  1. Change your limiting beliefs – I know you’ve probably heard this a million times but it stands the test of time. The changes we make do not last long term until they become so much of our identity that we literally begin to see them as a standard we live by.  Most people would be astounded to know how many of their beliefs are based on lack, limitation, and shortage – and that these thoughts reproduce themselves directly into their life experiences. You’ve got to replace your old, self-defeating beliefs with positive ones and create a new way of thinking.  Then to make it stick, every time you hear a “can’t” word from someone else or yourself, say “NEXT!” to yourself and flip back to your new way of thinking.
  2.  Model someone who’d already achieving what you want – If someone is successful at anything, whether they have a great relationship, are successful in business, or they have the body and energy that you desire, they’re not lucky. They’ve got a set of strategies that work, so you don’t need to reinvent the wheel. I have found that it’s always best to learn from others. It shortens the time for you to change into the successful person you want to be. Find a mentor or a coach who you can follow and learn from.
  3. Attach emotions to your actions – Taking action with an emotion attached to it is a way to make a more lasting and faster change.  This is the purpose of your “why”. You want to find something that either drives you from behind (getting out of debt) or something that you are shooting for (taking your family on a vacation) and use that to motivate your actions to succeed. When my husband and I were new business owners we were offered an all expense paid trip to Disneyland if we reached a certain level…and we could take our children. Well, that did it for me. I purposely promised my boys that we were taking them to Disneyland…a done deal. That way it gave me the emotional drive I needed to work hard so that I didn’t have to tell them we didn’t win the trip. I absolutely know that the reason we won that trip is because of the emotional attachment I had made to taking the actions I needed to take to win.
  4. The secret to living and making a lasting change is found in giving – If you want to make it your goal each day to find a way to add more value to people’s lives, you’ll never have to worry about success. Any change you want to make in yourself and in others is easier and will last longer when you’re giving.   One of my favorite quotes from an unknown author is this:  “There is a destiny that makes us brothers/sisters, none goes his way alone. All that we give to the lives of others, comes back into our own.” Giving empowers you to unleash your power to change and become the person you believe you were meant to be.

Unleash YOUR power to change now. Take emotional action each and every day towards your goals.  Give much more than you expect to receive.  And you’ll see the power to make permanent change become a part of your identity.



Author: Julee

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