Everyone is passionate about many things, but zeroing in on the one that will truly be your success is the trick.  All of us need a vision for our lives and as we work to achieve that vision we must remember that our passion helps create our vision.

But it won't necessarily just come to you...you have to find it, that's what you're here for...to find your passion and the potential it holds for you, then to pursue and develop it into something you can share with others.

How do you know what it is, and how do you find it?

Here are 5 tips to finding your passion:

1.  What did you love to do as a kid?

2.  What would you do all day without getting paid?

3.  Who are you jealous of, and what are they doing?

4.  What resonates with you, gives you joy, makes you feel energized and connected?

5.  Where were/are you the happiest in your life?  Why?  What were/are you doing?

Answering these will get you on the path to finding your true passion and the success it can bring you.  Success comes when you surrender to your passion...then let it lead you to the next best thing.

It doesn't have to be monetary...it can be anything that leads you to the feelings described in the 5 tips.

Each of us has a personal call to greatness, find yours, develop it, and live your passion today...then share it with the world!

Author: Julee

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One thought on “5 Tips to Finding YOUR Passion…the Great Energizer

  1. Passion is the great love and determination to one’s work,if you have passion then it is possible for you to become successful to your career!

    Posted on November 11, 2016 at 11:37 PM