The term “energetic youth” is not always the best way to equate energy level. Energy is not really a function of age.  It is something that is created from within a person by mental stimuli of happy thoughts, dreams, goals, and objectives.

If you have teenagers you’ve probably noticed how they lose all energy and enthusiasm when you approach them with a job that needs to be accomplished, but one that they’re not excited about.  They can instantly feel tired or be incredibly busy.  My teenagers have told me how tired they feel at the time. They feel they are totally drained of energy and unable to physically take on the task. On the other hand, if I mentioned boating,  shopping, or a fun activity right after the job request,  they magically have a surge of energy come over their body and they find the strength to do the “desirable” activity.

We all do this to some point and it has to do with how emotional or passionate we are for that activity, goal, or dream.  No matter what your age or energy level is at the time, you can kick it up with passion and enthusiasm if you are working toward an emotional objective.   Let me give you an example of something that happens to me that may ring a bell for you too.

I LOVE to waterski and I will pretty much give up or reschedule anything to go waterskiing.  I can work all day and be dead tired, but if someone calls to go waterskiing at five oclock, I am instantly energized and can go all night having fun skiing with my friends. Of course, when I get home I’m dead! But for that time when I am doing something I love, that’s fun, that creates emotion in me, my energy level is lifted up.

So, how can you use this in YOUR life? Well next time you’re “just not feelin’ it” and you need an energy boost here are 6 ways you can increase your energy level PRONTO!

Complete a goal Anytime we accomplish any kind of goal or objective, big or small, energy is created within and we are sparked to go on to new levels.  Not to mention the confidence we receive each time we accomplish even the tiniest of goals. Confidence breeds energy. If we don’t have goals we won’t have energy.

Change your routine – Make a change in the day to day routine you normally have. As you do things differently you will feel more energy. We sometimes slip into an unconscious routine that soon becomes boring and uneventful.  Seek out new ways of doing things, create a new mantra, drive a different route to the regular places you go daily, exercise at a different time. Change just one thing in your daily routine and you will feel a swell of energy. Find new ways to do things.

Exercise – Wait a minute! I know what you’re thinking. Exercise is what DRAINS energy from you. Well it might seem that way when you are just starting out, but as you build up your exercise routine it will actually give you energy from the endorphins that are released. It does take a little time to get to theat point, but as your physical strength increases so does your energy. After you are in shape exercise becomes a catalyst to creating energy.

Clean out a closet – Believe it or not, this simple action (or not so simple depending on what your closet looks like) will give you more energy than you would think. It will create energy to declutter and get rid of those items and clothing you don’t need or wear anymore. It will give you a sense of freedom and make you feel like you have a clean start. This actually works with any room that needs decluttering.

Bookend your days – When your day starts out organized and positive and ends organized and positive you will feel the energy to duplicate that the next day and the next. Choose 2 or 3 actions for your morning that help you to feel organized and ready for the day. This could be reading a great book, meditation, exercise, daily mantras or quotes. setting daily goals, etc. Do the same for the evening. Now the energy will flow as your day starts out and ends with positive, uplifting actions that you take. And if for some reason your day goes south (as they do!) then you have your bookend as your day finishes to bring that energy level back up. This one thing has helped me keep my energy level up the most.

Doing something for someone else – Service for others will ALWAYS uplevel your energy. Serving others takes your focus off of you and onto others and gives you a perspective of how blessed you are. It makes you feel good inside, especially when you aren’t worried about getting compensated for it.  Serving others is energy producing and will bring huge leaps in personal development. This raises your confidence which in turn produces more energy. It’s a great cycle to get into.

Try one or all of these and pay attention to the energy it produces. Practice these strategies and feel your energy uplevel as you uplevel your success more and more.  Keep yourself surrounded with energy producing people and share ideas. If you are exposed to positive thinkers they create energy in you. Your ability to think creatively, uplevel your energy, and accomplish things will increase as you try these strategies and suggestions.


Author: Julee

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