Today’s risk is tomorrow’s cake walk.  Or as a mentor once told me, “what was once hard becomes easy.  A risk is something you would do in an instant if you knew it was the right thing to do and you knew it would work the way you wanted. It is not knowing the outcome that makes it a risk.

Here is an important secret…risk taking increases your self-trust. Self-trust is what personal power is all about.  Self-trust and personal power perpetuate more risk taking. Risk taking is being bold, and being bold gets you more results. So, are you ready for more results?  Then check out these 7 ways to accelerate your own risk taking.

          1. Know you have power.

We are capable of far more than we give ourselves credit for. I’m sure you’ve heard “feel the fear and do it anyway”. The more you risk the more you see yourself capable of.

2. Build on past successes.

There have been times in the past when risks you took worked well for you.  Think about those times to give you confidence for your present situation.

  3. Project positive outcomes.

It is human nature to worry and wonder about what could go wrong.  By becoming more conscious of when you are projecting negative outcomes, you can stop this natural mental tendency and start to turn your thoughts around.

4. Ask for what you want every time.

Commit yourself every day to asking for what you want.  With whatever it is you want, an appointment, a contract or simply a cup of coffee, if you do not ask the answer is already “No”.

5. Make a Risk List.

Write down all fo the clients, past clients or potential clients you are ap[prehensive about talking to. Then start to contact one or more a day and ask for what you want, more business, some referrals or perhaps some honest feedback.

6. Keep track of your risks.

Write them down for two important reasons. You will begin to realize that the more risks you take the more success you are having and pretty soon your earlier risks will seem silly because now you do those things with ease.

 7. Create support in your life.

Get a friend who also wants to expand their comfort zone to partner with you.  You can coach and cheer each other on as you both become better risk-takers.

If you don’t have a friend to partner up with, I can help you identify the risks that you know are the right thing to do. Let’s get on a call and talk through some of the risks you are still afraid to take, even though you may want to. Contact me at:  and I’ll show you how to make the hard things become easy.

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