This year’s winter storms have caused many of us to struggle to get to our destinations this holiday season. I headed out with my family to Oregon from Idaho to visit my 93 year “young” father and found myself in one of those winter storms. At first, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to attempt it, people warned me of the dangers of traveling in this kind of weather. But I was raised in snow country and felt confident I could easily make the 2-hour trip.

As I started out it was snowing lightly,  and I could see my way easily. About 15 minutes into the trip I could tell there was going to be some snow accumulation on the roads.  The snow plows weren’t out yet and it was becoming somewhat “sloppy”. In the next 45 minutes, I was having trouble seeing the road and where I needed to drive to stay on it! I was in what they call a “white out” where there is so much flying snow in the air that it makes the road ahead of you totally white and you can’t really tell if you’re staying on the road. It’s very disorienting and is almost like a thick fog. But what I have learned is that if you can focus on the car right in front of you and make sure that you always have their taillights in view, that you can follow them through the white out when it gets so bad that staying on the road becomes difficult. So I followed one car and others were following me till we made it through the worst part of the storm.

So I ask you a question…are you struggling with staying focused and on the correct road to your chosen destination? I thought about this when I got home and realized that just like I followed the lights in front of me through the storm, we can follow a mentor or coach when times get confusing in building an online business or working on our goals. It’s really no different.  We all could use that person ahead of us to lead us through the rough parts, to keep us on the road to our goals. If you’ve never used a coach or a mentor, and you’re struggling with getting to your business destination, I would suggest you check it out.  A coach or mentor can keep you focused when you feel confused or disoriented with all the “noise” out on the internet. They get to know you and your needs and the ways of overcoming obstacles that work best for you.  They can lead you down the road without the delays that many experience and warn you about hazards you may encounter.

As we approach this new year I suggest that you reach out and find a mentor or coach to work with for even a short time.  A coach or mentor can seriously expand your potential. Finding a mentor is easier than you think.  Here are just a few tips for you to think about:

  1. Find someone that you resonate with, that you trust, and that makes you feel confident each time you interact. I actually heard my mentor talk at a women’s conference.  I was so impressed with her, and resonated with so much of what she said that I went up to her after she was done and asked if I could talk with her.  She has been a mentor for several years now.
  2. Great mentors can be found in a variety of places. Seek them out in business and women’s associations in your area,  a college or university, your family, church groups, or community groups such as chambers of commerce. Ask your business associates for recomendations. Just realize that a mentor that works well for your best friend may not be the best mentor for you.
  3.  Set up a meeting to talk with them, or go to an event where they are speaking.  Ask them questions and share what your needs in building a business are. Let them tell you how they can help you and see if it fits with your expectations. See if you resonate with them.
  4. Clarify your expectations and your goals so you ensure that you find the right mentor. But also be aware of how you FEEL when you are with this person or after you leave. Each time I talk with my mentor I feel like I could go out and just crush it! She inspires me to take action,
  5. Realize that you can have one or several mentors. And if you find out in time that the fit isn’t the best, do’t hesitate to seek out a different mentor.

Youhave infinite potential to make 2017 your “best year ever”! Decide now to peel off the layers of doubt and hesitancy and find someone that you can work with that “gets you”, that will pull out more of your potential, and that you can follow through the storms and obstacles that you encounter.

Have a wonderful holiday with all your family and friends!

Author: Julee

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