In this age of information, we have a world of resources at our fingertips. We have more teachers, coaches, mentors, and “experts” at our disposal than ever before. But the most overlooked, underutilized and divinely powerful resource of them all is YOU – your own “Star Power”…your own strengths, intuition, knowledge, and inner voice. I think so many people have lost contact with their inner resources.

As Albert Einstein once said, “Any man who reads too much and uses his own brain too little falls into lazy habits of thinking”.  You cannot simply study the wisdom of others. You have to think through ideas yourself and tap into your own inner wisdom. We have a deluge of information coming at us through our emails and the internet. And too often we’re looking for someone else’s secret, formula, or Star Power to get what we want.

You see people who interview others to gain insights, knowledge, and inspiration and there is great merit in that. But we cannot pass on the most insightful person to interview…that is YOU. When it comes to the real power, the “Star Power” to change our direction or reach our personal goals, those are found inside you. How do you tap into your own inner wisdom and star power? Interview yourself! Seriously, this is a technique I use and I teach others to use.

Sit down and interview yourself on paper. Ask a question of yourself, sit and ponder and come up with an answer you would give if someone was interviewing you. But you have to be totally honest with yourself, so sometimes you have to dig beyond the first answer that comes up. Probe a little deeper and think to yourself “is this the REAL answer?” Interview yourself and unlock all the inspiration and Star Power that’s in your mind!

Here are just three sample questions that I have used:

What has been my biggest influence this week/month and how can I use it again?

What has been my biggest fear/limiting belief and what can I do to overcome?

What habits have created the success I have? Do I still keep those habits going?

This is a great exercise to try when you’re trying to create a new program or product, deciding on a direction to go, or just solving a problem in your life or business. Also when you are making your goals and thinking about what you’d like to accomplish in the next week, month, or year. We’re just 1 1/2 months from the end of the year. Discover and use your “Star Power” to finish off this year strong. That is a KEY component to your success!

Author: Julee

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