In  business we have a saying “If you want to have what others don’t have, you have to do what others won’t do.” In other words, you must do what others refuse to do.  This one thing can instantly increase your value in your marketplace, in your career or business, with your potential clients, and to yourself.   It takes work, but it’s very simple. Simply do what your peers, co-workers, other entrepreneurs, or even complete strangers refuse to do.

Business ownership is sometimes a business of frustration management.  It’s doing something out of your comfort zone over and over again until it’s within your comfort zone.  It’s doing things you hate to do that grow your business. It’s doing those things nobody wants to do because they take too long. It’s doing those things others refuse to do because it’s too much work.

That’s where the opportunity is…and you have to see it as an opportunity to grow and move forward. Every problem and difficult moment is a chance to do what others won’t.  You have to keep doing things over and over again until you overcome all the odds.

Put your foot out, step forward, and take the risk to achieve the kind of opportunity others won’t.

Having your own business is not always wine and roses. For every entrepreneur, there are those grueling day to day tasks, sometimes late hours, and those days when every wall you hit seems to knock you flat on your back.  But as Sylvester Stallone says “ya gotta get up and keep moving forward”.  Be willing to get your hands dirty. Be willing to fail and learn from the failure.

Start looking at failure in a different way. Instead of shying away or being traumatized by it, we have to look at it as a way we are getting stronger.  Just like someone lifting weights, maybe they can’t do the full three reps.  But as they keep trying and failing, their muscles get stronger and they can do one more rep, then one more and pretty soon they can do all the reps and it becomes easier and easier.

As you fail, fall down,  your soul ( what you’re made of ) takes a beating.  But then it heals, just like a muscle heals, and as you push yourself through “hard things” your soul gains the strength of who you are and what you are made of.  So you either give into failure, or you become stronger to take on those things others refuse to do.

My challenge for you today.  I want you to make a list of the things you see others around you are unwilling to do.  Then begin to go and do those things. The opportunities in other areas will start coming your way, and soon you’ll find yourself having success beyond what you once could see.

Author: Julee

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