Have you been thinking about having a strong finish to 2016? Another year is ending and we are preparing for a new one. But this is the time of the year we sometimes start looking toward January and the new diet we want to start,  the new exercise program we want to be on, and how much money we want to earn in the new year and we forget about finishing out on this year. We start to focus on what we want to accomplish in the NEXT year instead of focusing on what we HAVE accomplished this year.  We are all great at starting our new projects and goals for the new year. But sticking with them and ending strong this last month of the year is sometimes tough!

So as we end the year I’m going to show you how to finish out strong and create your own powerful ending to 2016.

  1. Keep making your weekly  plan no matter how simple it is. Don’t just let your mind and your forward motion dwindle off till Dec 31st.  Continue to plan out each week like you normally do, even if it’s just to write down that you’re spending the week with relatives.  See that as the accomplishment that it is. And if you haven’t been making a weekly plan prior to today…start now and you’ll have a great habit started when 2017 rolls around.
  2.  Define your success for this last month.  Write down at least one goal you want to accomplish. Realize that the holidays can be hectic, so make it a very simple goal that will still keep you moving forward and you know you will accomplish.
  3.  Now do a self-assessment of the year.  Grab your calendar, notes, Ipad, etc and walk through your year.  Note anything you committed yourself to whether you completed it or not. If you haven’t kept track of these in one place search through your emails, journal or notes to jog your memory.
  4. Next, make a chart on paper (my husband would make a spreadsheet for this next step, however I like to use paper). Use whatever works for you.  List these categories (if you can think of more, have at it!) down on the left side of the page.   Body/Health – Relationships – Money – Spirituality – Business – Lifestyle. Then draw a vertical line dividing the blank area of your paper into two columns. Write ACCOMPLISHMENTS at the top of the left column. On the right put INCOMPLETE.   Now write a line by line assessment of what you set out to accomplished in 2016. Did you finish a 5K? Did you repair a relationship? Did you pay down debt? Did you create and launch that online course you had in your goals? Be sure and write down things for each of your categories. Flip through your calendar and remind yourself of the small stuff too.  You helped your kids get onto a sports team, you grew your email list, you successfully organized your files/office/home.
  5.  The INCOMPLETE column is to mark anything that you set out to finish but didn’t get done and you want to carry this over into the next year.  There may be some items that you really don’t care about finishing and you can just delete them now. This isn’t to make a negative in your mind, this is to use for your goal planning for the new year.

When you’ve finished you will get a powerful sense of your achievements for the year, and the feeling of being finished. This is important so you are not looking back at what you didn’t get accomplished, but you are looking forward to what you did. You do want to acknowledge any unfinished items AND remember your achievements.

That is how you end something powerfully.  You are then ready for the new year and through steps 1 and 2 you are still moving forward and finishing the current year strong.

Author: Julee

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