A confidence crash is when something happens that makes it so our confidence plummets to an all-time low.  Many of our confidence crashes come when we are looking into the future at the unknown, “surfing the future”, or looking back into the past at a failure. It creates fear and doubt which knocks us down in our confidence for a while.  But if you can stay in the present, and take action from the present, you will have so much more success in avoiding those confidence crash situations.

No matter how much you earn, how fast you grow your business or team, how much you’re admired by others in your field, or how much satisfaction you gain from your business…you can have a confidence crash.  Even those with high self esteem and self confidence can suffer from a confidence crash. Sometimes, things happen that knock the confidence right out of us!

So if you suffer a confidence crash, don’t despair, don’t reach for the bottle or the bon bons!  Instead use some of these confidence-boosting techniques. Not only will you get your confidence back, but you will appreciate your unique talents and gifts more.DSCN5190

1.  Look at your natural talents – you have all you need to make your life successful.  You know those things you do so well that you don’t even have to think about it…it is those abilities that come naturally to you that will help you build your confidence in other areas of your life.  Begin with your strengths!  Too many times peoople focus on what they need to work on – their weaknesses, and get burned out.  How much better is it to begin with your natural talents?  Sit down and make a list of all your talents and strengths…right now!

2.  Walk with energy and vitality – People who walk 10% faster than normal are perceived as being confident.  That perception will help to get your confidence back on track.

3.  Listen to or watch something that fires you up!  We all have those audios, or that speech, or a movie that creates a feeling inside of you that you can conquer the world. Go listen to or re-watch it and hold onto that confident feeling it gives you…and build on that.

By focusing in on these positive actions you will build back your self-confidence in no time.  Appreciate your efforts and pay attention to your self-talk and soon you’ll be back into that crazy, cool, confident mode again!


Author: Julee

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