I sat in a room full of influencers last weekend and listened to speakers who encouraged and taught us to up-level the influence we have in our circle of friends and business associates. It was an amazing 2 days rubbing elbows with some key speakers. It made me reflect on what I’m doing to be a good influencer.

People of influence make things happen-because they focus on serving others.

Last weekend verified the belief I’ve always had that anyone can be an influence for change either in themselves, in other lives, or both. The secret is finding your core belief in yourself AND your reason for doing what you do. Do you love to teach? Are you a creative person with a passion to share your talent with others? Do you like to coach people to believe in themselves? Maybe you have a skill or a service you want to extend to others to better their lives or save them time or money.

There are a million things you can do to influence the lives of people in and out of your circles. But what about those who are closest to us. Those who are part of our families or close friendships. Sometimes we take those relationships for granted…because they’re always there. Aren’t these the people we want to be influenced for good as well?  We don’t always have to go for the big wins, the monumental successes to have influence. Some of those subtle influences have the most impact on lives.

So how do you become an influencer in your world? Here are some key elements to work on to become the influencer you want to be. With your family, your industry, your job, or wherever you gather with others.

Reciprocity – Be willing to give more than you receive. Give recognition, help others win, or serve them in your unique way. Being “other-people-centered” is a big part of becoming influential.

Commitment and Consistency – Be in front of the people you influence on a regular basis whether that is on social media, in person, over coffee, on the phone or whatever way that works. Choose the frequency that works for you and your people and then “keep showing up!”

People must Like You – You won’t influence anyone if no one likes you! Learn to love and lead people from where they are and for who they are.

Problem Solver – others look to be lead through ideas that can solve their problems.  I was the baby of my family so for many years looked to others to help me solve problems. I had to LEARN to be a problem solver and to switch my thinking from “what do I need” to “how can I help others”. By researching, reading, and implementing problem-solving techniques I gained more and more experience until it became second nature to me.

Connect – Learn everything you can about how to connect with others on different levels and in different areas of their lives. Be interested in who they are and what makes them tick. Learn to turn your focus to them instead of worrying about what you’re going to tell them about you.

We all have the ability to be world influencers and world changers. I had to be reminded of this as I sat and listened to those speakers last weekend.  I vowed to focus more on “other people” and what I could do to serve them. How about YOU?


Author: Julee

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