The worst beliefs you can have are ‘self-limiting” beliefs. These exist whenever you believe yourself to be limited in any way. We are where we are today because of all the beliefs we have had up until today.  I’m not talking about the fleeting thoughts that come into our mind and then are gone the next day.  I’m talking about the beliefs we dwell on, and compare ourselves to others with.

For example, you may think that others are smarter, better, funnier, or even superior to you in some way. Or you may have fallen into selling yourself short or settling for less than you are truly capable of. These self-limiting beliefs act like brakes on your potential…they hold you back.  They generate the two worst enemies of personal success–doubt and fear.  They paralyze you and cause you to hesitate to take the necessary actions steps to fulfill your true potential.

No Limits SignFor you to progress in your life or in your business, you must continually challenge your self-limiting beliefs.  You must reject any thought or suggestion that you are limited in any way.  Use the mantra of “set no limits”.  Develop the belief that what others have done, you can also do.            Here are just a few suggestions to create a change in your beliefs:

Think BIG…or BIGGER – think big each day about your desires, your life ambitions, or you business.  Whatever you want, the universe wants to give you.

Take Action – taking action creates belief. But the key to developing the discipline to take action is to pick the easiest, least expensive, no-brainer type step, and then consistently build from there. Allow them to compound on themselves.  The key is to just get started!

Play a Video – a video in your head of how you want to outcome to be.  Each time you go to speak, sell your services or product, do a presentation, or whatever it is you’re trying to accomplish, create a video in your head of what you want to happen. Then play that video over and over again until you believe it! Positive belief is the deliberate decision to focus on the positive aspects.

Create New Habits – self-limiting beliefs are simply negative thinking habits that have been repeated over and over again. Habits can be replaced. Create positive thinking habits to replace the negative voice in your head that limits you. Start with simple positive statements and build from there. Replace those negative thoughts with positive affirmations that you can visualize and take action on. If you’re not sure what positive affirmations to use go to and download the 7 free top achiever affirmations there.  Then get started on overcoming your self-limiting beliefs!

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