You’ve heard it. That little voice in your head telling you that fall is coming, the kids will start school, life will get back to a normal routine, and you can get back to creating profits in your business. Maybe you have felt like you’ve dropped the ball, become defocused, or just had too much going on lately with summer life that you haven’t put the time into your business like you’d planned. Maybe you just feel like you’re stuck because summer got the best of you.  So what can you do to make a start TOMORROW? What action step can get you on the road to PROFITABILITY again?

I’ve got a solution for you.  What if asking a few questions could give you the kick-start you needed to head into next month with a renewed passion and commitment? It can happen by sitting down with your “inner business expert” and asking a few empowering questions.

No matter how many times you’ve banged your head against the wall asking for solutions, be open to having a breakthrough TODAY.

Be calm and ask with the intention of an easy answer.

Use these questions to create the kickstart, the breakthrough, the small win you need to hit the ground running. Use all or just one of them. Just remember to keep your mind open to a new thought, a new idea, a new action step that can get you started.

  • What do I need to intend or expect?
  • What is the best way to focus my energy starting this week?
  • Is there something I’m not doing that would take a little effort, but would give me big results?
  • Who can help me strategize my next move? A mentor, coach, or business associate?
  • What have I already created that I can leverage tomorrow?
  • Which systems can I tweak or perfect to free up my time?
  • What is a small meaningful action I can take tomorrow that might not solve a problem immediately but can start me down the right path?
  • What is a small win I can create tomorrow that will make me feel like I’ve made progress?

You see by taking even the smallest action step, not matter what the result, you can feel a sense of movement in the right direction.  Small wins can give you big boosts of energy to take the next step and the one after that, and before you know it you have not only kick-started but have made significant progress.


Author: Julee

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