Your mind is like a powerful search engine. It will find what you are focused on and look for. And those things it finds will become your reality if you will allow it to.  In Star Wars episode 1 George Lucas wrote “Always remember, your focus determines your reality.”

What were your thoughts focused on in 2016? Were they mainly focused on the things you WANTED…or was much of your focus on things you DIDN’T WANT to happen? What were your results from that? The focus of your thoughts and your attention are like an inquiry to the world. Your mind will scan your world, your experiences,  challenges, all the information that is out there in your world and deliver what you are thinking about. If you think about all the negative outcomes it will bring those up. If you think about all the positive outcomes you desire it will bring those into fruition.

So if you are wondering why you got some terrible search results in 2016 it could be because of what you put into your mind’s search box. In other words, what you spent time thinking about and focusing on.

So, this is the last day of 2016, tomorrow is the beginning of a new year. Why not create habits that change the inquiry…which will change the results. Meaning… change what you focus on, what you spend time thinking about, and you will change your search results. Different inquiry…different results.  Here’s something you need to know. We all have the same search engine, your brain operates just like everyone else’s. If you don’t like the results you’re getting in life, don’t blame bad luck, blame your search inquiry. Change your inquiry (your focus), change your results.

So how do you change your focus to thinking about what you want and away from what you don’t want?

Try these steps:

  1. First take some time and think about the results you DO WANT.  Write them down somewhere you can refer back to.
  2. Do not give energy or attention to worry, fear, doubt, or failure. This is a mindset that you can easily develop through planning out the outcome you want.
  3. Monitor what you focus on every day so you are aware of situations that tend to create negative thoughts in your mind.
  4. Begin today to focus on only the things that you want to happen. Success, happiness, relationships, etc. Ponder them often and fight to push out the thoughts of what you don’t want.

I promise you that when you change your focus and attention to what you WANT your results will begin to change at once. Be diligent about what you search for (think about). What you search for you will get.

I look forward to helping you to create all the success that you desire in this new 2017 year!

Author: Julee

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