There are basically three enemies getting in the way of the results you desire for this next new year…

  1. Lack of clarity
  2. Keeping our focus
  3. Not taking action

Why establish clarity?

When you have a clear, compelling vision, things happen. If you don’t clarify your vision there is nothing to anchor your goals and objectives to. A clear vision will draw you in, it will help you identify and pursue opportunities as they come your way.

You have to believe you can win, that you can execute your vision, or you won’t be able to do it. When you don’t believe you can do what you have to do, it means you don’t believe in yourself or your vision, which means you don’t have clarity about what you really want.

It is always easier to quit than to face the discomforts of going for your goals. Stepping out of your comfort zone is tough. Adversity is painful. When you quit because of adversity it means you don’t have the mental fortitude to “hang in there” and overcome. Clarity plays a big part in that.

How can you learn to become more focused?

Focus is not something we’re all born with, it is a mental discipline skill that must be learned and practiced. Keeping your focus is directly related to your ability to avoid and ignore distractions in your world. Here are just three examples of things you can do to increase your mental ability to focus on your vision and the steps you need to take to make that vision a reality.

Become acutely aware of the distractions that tend to knock you off your focus. When you’ve identified them either avoid them altogether or set up systems or routines that keep you on your game.

If your phone is a distraction either turn it off or put it in another room when you are working on your goals and objectives to your vision. Another is to close down all computer tabs EXCEPT the one thing you are working on that is leading you to your vision.

Setting specific time frames for completing vision objectives is another way of keeping your focus. Having a deadline will increase your skills of focus. And with fewer distractions, you will be able to get more done because you will have achieved more effective use of your time.

What is the greatest obstacle in turning our vision into reality?… Procrastination (aka not taking action)

This one habit has more impact on delaying results than anything else. You can have the most clarified vision and all the goals, mindset, and drive to make it a reality…but if you don’t take action you go nowhere.

Procrastination is not taking action on our vision because of the fears we hold in our minds, or because we have no definitive deadline for our results.  We all struggle with procrastination at times. It is a bad habit that greatly restricts our results and effectiveness, but it can be controlled. The first step is to identify the reasons behind it, then make the commitment to move forward. This means leaning into whatever our fears are, knowing that when we do, the action will become easier with time.

Vision boards are a go-to way of getting your vision out into the world. Having a vision board with physical and visual goals and objectives can help in creating the habit of taking action. But many times they don’t work for people like they should. That’s because they aren’t created with intention and the steps to keep you focused throughout the entire year.

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be sharing with you some of the key reasons for creating a clear and compelling vision board that can help you make your dreams and goals a reality in 2018.

So stay tuned! In the meantime set aside some time to start writing down and getting clear on the vision you want for yourself in the coming year.

Author: Julee

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