For each of us, the end of the year brings on thoughts of what we want to have in our lives and what we want to accomplish in the next year. But do we also think about who we want to become?

There is magic that comes from becoming that person we need to be in order to attract the relationships or results we wish to meet or achieve. But many times when we set new goals and create a vision we only think about the things we want to have or the goals we want to achieve. I believe we have to include who we want to BE as well.

When thinking about “who do I need to become” here are some questions you can ask yourself in the coming week. Ponder these questions and journal your thoughts to refer back to later.  As you sit and ponder answers will come to you. This will help determine your “magic factor” for achieving your goals.

  • Am I the leader I need to be in the different areas of my life?
  • Am I feeding my mind ideas and inspiration that will support and bolster my “be” goals?
  • Do I seek and cultivate the strength and greatness in everyone around me?
  • Do I deliver excellence to my clients or relationships and continually find ways to “wow” them?
  • Am I a disciplined master of my time?
  • Do I have the discipline to change habits to become a better ME?
  • Do I give myself credit for the strengths I have?
  • Am I always working to improve myself?

These are just a few of the questions that can help you revitalize, restore, and recommit to becoming the person you want to be to achieve your goals for the new year.

As the end of the year rolls around and the holiday season is upon us I urge you to be present this next week with those relationships that are important to you. Take some time to just enjoy the moment and bask in the love of the people around you. Ponder these questions over the next week, journal the thoughts you have, then read back over them and see if there is anything more you can add.

Enjoy this next week as you spend Christmas with loved ones and friends. Know that you are an amazing individual with so much to offer the world. My Christmas wish for you is that you will discover that person you want to be. I will be handing down some steps to help you with that in the coming weeks. Until then enjoy!

Author: Julee

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